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Bombay's Biggest Food Truck

Brand Activation

When you want to make a big impact you want to choose Bombay's biggest food truck. This big red beauty on wheels is ready to drive your audience wild with bespoke brand activation opportunities available in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and more.

Wrap us up in your branding materials and we'll complete the pairing with a tailor-made menu sure to delight any audience, anywhere. Launching apparel, a beverage or a new film? Give them a delicious experience they'll never forget and enjoy a branding activation that's sure to go viral.

Email us to get rolling at

Onsite Catering

Any recipe for a memorable event or party always calls for one main ingredient: mouth-watering, finger-licking good food. Give your guests something to sing about with #BFT sitting pretty at your concert, festival, pop-up, wedding, birthday, anniversary, bachelorette, baby shower, reunion and everything in between.

We customize menus to complement your shindig and might even be responsible for some serious trending online. Yes, we look as good as we taste (hello, Instagram!) Burgers named after babies or bachelors? Bombay dogs dressed for rockstars, classmates or Bollywood stars? At #BFT we like to get creative.

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You asked, we answered: #BFT on a street near you. We're making the curbside cool with NYC-inspired eats that boast our signature gourmet touch. From BFT-style Keema Pav with beetroot to Pita Bowls with pesto, Bombay Dogs with microgreens and a whole lot more, click on our Menu to discover the hottest offerings in town. Did we say #foodporn?

Find our current location on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. #BFT

About bft

Bombay's biggest food truck just rolled into town and with it we've brought the city's tastiest gourmet roadside eats. You can't miss our beautiful red truck and you'll never forget the crazy deliciousness of our Pav Bhaji Roll, Keema Pav, FLT in Pita, Chicken Do-Nut and more. Have we revved your engine yet?

Follow #BFT on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you know exactly where to get trucked. We get around.

#BFT is the latest member of the OPA Hospitality family and the first of many more food trucks to come, both in India and abroad. Want to be part of the cool crowd? We're available for brand activations and on-site catering. Make it an event no one will forget with #BFT. Email us at to get rolling.

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  • 350A9544

    Bombay Food Truck wins Best Food Truck Of The Year award

    1st September, 2016

    Mumbai is going to see more of the fire-engine red Bombay Food Truck, says its founder Ashish Sajnani, who heads OPA Catering and Events. BFT will increase the number of trucks in its set adding to the bustling gastro truck scene in the city.

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  • mumbai-food-truck-festival_650x400_61463823949

    Food Truck Festival’ Brings Mumbai Street Food On Wheels

    May 21, 2016

    Food enthusiasts are in for a new experience while indulging in their favorite street side snacks with Mumbai’s first ‘Food Truck Festival’ serving a range of items like English sandwiches and coconut coolers on wheels.

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  • Bombay

    The Bombay Food Truck Will Roll Into Mumbai By The End Of The Month

    September 10, 2015

    By the end of this month, a fire engine red food truck, which calls itself the ‘Bombay Food Truck’ will be jauntily rolling into Mumbai.

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  • Meal

    Meal on the Wheels: Bombay Food Truck

    September 10, 2015

    If you have been dreaming of to start your own food truck ala Chef Carl Casper from the popular movie, Chef, you are late as someone else has already done that!

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  • Launchpad

    Launchpad: Bombay Food Truck Comes Chugging Into The City Soon

    September 12, 2015

    Mumbai is slated to get a big, red food truck. Bombay Food Truck, the brainchild of Ashish Sajnani and Juspreet Singh Walia (of OPA, PDT, Eat Thai and Le Cafe) will serve ‘gourmet street food’

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  • Starting

    Starting a food truck in Mumbai? Here’s what you need to know

    September 18 2015

    While the rest of the country may have a headstart over Mumbai as far as food trucks are concerned, the city is slowly catching up,

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  • mealing-around

    Mealing Around

    September 3, 2015

    Earlier this week, photographs of a black and red truck on Twitter sent Mumbai’s foodies into a frenzy.

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